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Whether it is a first birthday, 50th birthday, sweet sixteen, or Bat Mitzvah event, or even a baby shower before a birthday even comes around… YTE Events and Balloon Decor can help make your event a royal success. Our top of the line event decor can take your event to the next level without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the most common birthday party decor ideas which we can add to your special event:

Themed columns –
Whether you are having a princess party, a super hero party, a zebra themed party, or some other whimsical design we can help turn your ideas into balloon magic. We have tons of photos in our portfolio and would love to meet with you to find a design that will be unique to you and perfect for your event.

Themed arches –
Just as we can theme the columns, we can theme arches as well. They are great for entryways, behind tables, as a photo opportunity, and even to be over a table or a cake cutting.

Delivery pieces –
If you want to have something that is a gift just as much as it is about decor, try one of our delivery pieces as it will add color and the magic of balloons to your event with a piece that can also stick with you our your guest of honor for weeks and even months past the end of your event! The can be table centerpieces if they are smaller or even take the place of columns or create a photo opportunity for the larger sculptures.

Ceiling Decor –
Depending on the venue, we can add all kinds of fun ceiling decor as well. It can really bring the fun and excitement of your event to the next level. Whether we add a canopy over a dance floor, garlands of balloons from the ceiling, or hanging balloon decor to match your theme we can make your event WOW your guests with our one of a kind balloons.

At our 30 minute appointment, we show our 200+ page portfolio of designs
and help create something uniquely special for your event.
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Birthday Party Decor