Ninja Party Ideas

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Ninja Party Ideas

Ninja birthday parties are a must with the rise of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lego Ninja Cartoons, and Ninjago. In this article we will cover Ninja themed invitations, party supply suggestions, Ninja themed entertainment options, cake, party favors, and more. Sit back, relax, and get ready to put together the most awesome Ninja birthday party ever!

Ninja Birthday Party Invitation Templates

Invitations are the first things you guests will see and should make a great impression. Check out some of these invitation Ninja party printables that can help make your invitations stand out from the rest and set the mood for a fantastic Ninja themed birthday party.

Ninja Decoration Ideas

Whether you are having a party at your home or at the actual Ninja dojo, a little décor can really go a long way in setting the mood for your event. Pick up some Ninja party supplies for boys or girls online or make your own ninja decorations. Here are a few Ninja decoration ideas to get you started:

• Create a Ninja Obstacle Course in your back yard
• Write the children’s names in Japanese characters
• Use chopsticks to help decorate
• Wrap cardboard boxes to be used for Karate chopping
• Provide Ninja sashes for children’s forheads

Ninja Party Food Ideas

ninja birthday party rice crispy sushi plateFood is always a staple to any good party. Make sure your ninja party has all kinds of fun and creative Ninja birthday party themed foods with these great ideas!

• Make “sushi” with rice crispy treats and fruit roll ups
• Wrap waters and drink bottles with “Ninja Masks”
• Have a bowl of fortune cookies available
• Make cookies and have them be Ninja-bread men or Throwing Stars

Teenage Mutant Ninja Party Ideas

Sometimes there are additional things you can do when there is a theme that would not otherwise work. I grew up LOVING the Ninja turtles and I’m glad they are coming back into style. That said there are a lot of great things you can do that are Ninja Turtle themed as well.

• Use Oreos as “sewer caps”
• Make green sugar cookies (with food coloring) and draw masks on them with icing
• Make mini-Pizzas as snacks
Make nunchucks with Twinkies and licorice

LEGO Ninja Birthday Party Ideas

LEGO Ninjago are also very popular with the boys these days. Try out a few of these ideas to help get the party started for the next LEGO Ninja birthday party you are putting together.

• “Dragon Scales and Fire Sauce” is simple as dark tortilla chips and salsa
• Ninjago Cupcakes are really cute and super simple to make

Ninja Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

When you have a ton of kids at your home and you are trying to keep them from breaking everything in your house, it really helps to have a few Ninja birthday party game ideas to keep them occupied. Whether you provide the games or hire real ninjas to entertain at your birthday party, the kids will need something to keep them busy.

Ninja Party Game Ideas

There are tons of games to have your children do at a party that are Ninja themed. Most of these require little or no extra pieces and can be done almost anywhere.

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, STOP
Similar to Stop and Go, one master ninja instructor has all the ninjas start on one side of the play area and try to get to the other side. When the instructor yells “stop” the children have to jump to a ninja pose and stay still. If they are caught, they have to go back to the beginning.

Ninja Egg Toss
This teaches the children that they need to be calm and careful when they are Ninja, being sure to control their power and force. Start them close and slowly move them away from each other. The team that is farthest apart gets a Ninja seal of approval. Instead of eggs, consider using water balloons.

Ninja wood breaking
Use thin strips of balsa wood and have children take turns chopping the wood in two with their hands. Be careful that the eager ones do not hurt themselves on whatever the support is for the blocks. As long as they hit the block in the middle it should be fine. You can also have an adult hold it so that there isn’t a way to get hurt. Adults can also help by “flexing” the wood or even breaking it for them for the younger ones.

Hire a professional Ninja!

You might be surprised at just how affordable it can be to have your very own Birthday Party Ninja Entertainer at your next event. They can be great for photo opportunities, Ninja demonstrations, teaching the way of the Ninja, and even offering up to two hours of hands on Ninja themed entertainment for your birthday party guests. They can even help plan other Ninja party activities if you ask. You can also hire other professionals too!

Balloon Artists, Face Painters, and more! Click here to book an entertainer in your area now!

Ninja Birthday Cake Ideas

The birthday cake always ends up being a focus at a birthday party. For your Ninja birthday party, the cake is no different. So, whether it is a Ninja themed cake or based on a television show about the Ninja Turtles or themed around Ninjago, it is a good idea to have something fun for the guests to see on the cakes. Check out this Pinterest board on great Ninja Birthday Party Cupcake Ideas!

Ninja Birthday Party Favors

There are so many things to use as favors, that I almost hesitated even putting this section in here. That is until I saw this awesome etsy list that gave tons of great Ninja themed party favors.

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