Balloon arch entrance for event in blue white silver

A balloon arch might just be the perfect decor piece for nearly any event. They’re one of our most highly requested decor pieces, and we don’t want to brag, but we think they’re pretty cool too. They’re classy, beautiful, and can work with the layout of many different spaces and venues. With their amazingly versatility, they can accomplish many different purposes for an event. We especially love when they can do multiple things. For instance, an arch can simultaneously accomplish 1, 5, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, and 16 in the list below! That’s a lot of accomplishments for a single piece of decor. Balloon arches can provide this level of awesome for your event too.

Here are our favorite reasons for why so many people love our balloon arches and why they might be what you need to top off your day. We hope they become your favorite too!

  1. Amazing Entrances – Balloon arches are a great way to start off an event and people naturally are drawn to them, making them a perfect entrance to your event.
  2. Highlight a Product or Service – Are you trying to sell a new car, highlight a trade show booth, or let someone know about something special? A balloon arch can help you do that. As they naturally attract attention and also draw the eye to their center, they can be used to pitch, sell, or promote nearly anything.
  3. Decorate a Stage – Arches are great at framing out a stage or creating the feel of a stage when there wasn’t anything there before. Highlighting the open area of a stage and giving a little bit of framing above the things on the stage helps to draw an audience’s eye to what is happening.
  4. Draw Attention to Something Special – If you’re having a wedding and want to highlight the bride and groom, an arch is a great way to do so. It can let people easily identify in photos, videos, or just looking around the room who they guests of honor are. This is also great at birthdays, Mitzvahs, and other special occasions.
  5. Create a Walkway – As people are drawn to arches, you can set up 2 or more to create a natural walkway for guests to use. By taking an open area and adding a few arches, guests are inclined to walk through them from one area to another, making them perfect for directing foot traffic at a large venue or event.
  6. Mark the Location of a Race – We’ve had tons of walk-a-thons or races call us for arches to start and/or end their races. We see why. They are GREAT for highlighting the entrance and exit of a race.
  7. Highlight a Dance Floor – When a school hosts a prom or homecoming, an arch or a canopy (crossing arches) can make a great highlight to the dance floor. When a venue is big, there are lots of people, the lighting is dim, or there are just other factors… Sometimes it is an added safety to have a highlighted dance floor. It is also fun, so that helps!
  8. Decorate a Cake Table – When you spend money on a decorated cake and you want to show it off to your guests and to make sure it is framed well for great photos, a balloon arch can really add the pizzazz.
  9. They can be Themed to ANYTHING – Did you know an arch can be themed? It can be themed with colors or it can even be sculpted to look like something. You can have an arch that looks like a giraffe eating out of a tree for a jungle themed baby shower or you can have elves climbing a tree for christmas. So many options, an arch can look like ANYTHING.
  10. Air-filled options are Environmentally Friendly – As air filled balloons do not float away like helium filled balloons, they can be broken down, disposed of properly, and composted. This keeps them safe for the wildlife and a solid renewable resource for decor. Without adding to landfills like other party products made of plastic, balloons truly are the green way to party!
  11. They Add Color to your Venue – Adding a pop of color to an otherwise bland venue can transform an entire space. A balloon arch can help do that in a way that other decor just can’t compete with.
  12. There are TONS of Design Options – Literally anything can be done with an arch. Even our standard 4-balloon stacked air-filled balloon arch has 16 options for color placement on the 2-color arch patterns. What does that mean in non-balloon nerd talk? There are a lot of options! We can find an arch that you like and that will fit with your event.
  13. They can take Unique Shapes – Arches do not have to be limited to a semi-circle. With the advent of pinterest and instagram, many trending options involve specialty shaped balloon arches. So, let us show you some of the unique shapes we can bring to your event as well.
  14. Can start your event with a WOW – What better way to start an event than walking to a venue with your mouth wide open in amazement? If the entrance is a WOW piece, that sets the stage for anticipation, making the rest of the event looked at through a perspective of wonderment.
  15. They make great Photo Opportunities – What event would be great if you cannot remember it? With the arches, people are drawn to take photos in front of it. By creating a unique and fun photo opportunity, balloon arches add to your social media presence and help people remember how amazingly awesome your event was!
  16. They are just plain fun! – What better reason to add balloon arches to your event than them just being fun?! When you have an event where you want people to have a good time, show them you are ready to party with a balloon arch.

These Top 16 Reasons Balloon Arches are on Our Highly Requested List are reasons we found. What are some of the reasons you’ve enjoyed seeing balloon arches at events? What reasons would you want a balloon arch at your event? Do you like them because they are immersive, they turn any space into a fabulous one, they’re a fun addition, they create a shared experience for your guests, or do you have something unique to you that you enjoy balloon arches for?

There’s nothing like experiencing your decor by walking through it. Our displays become more than just a “wow factor,” but a canopy that memories are created under. Do you have a favorite pick from our list?

For more information on arches, you can visit our arch page. Otherwise, dive a little deeper with our next blog on elegant entrances.

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