We just finished visiting with our great friends over at Central Florida Balloon Decor in Orlando. We already work closely together on a number of projects, but we were in the area and gave them a call. As luck would have it, they were working on prepping for some balloon decor. (We both seem to ALWAYS be prepping for balloon decor jobs.) So, we stopped by and offered to inflate some balloons for them so that we could work, chat, and catch up on some great times!

As per our usual visit, we were able to work on some framing needs that we had coming up. Tobin at Central Florida Balloon Decor is fantastic when it comes to framing for jobs and is always generous with his awesome supply of power tools when we are in need. We were able to build some fancy connection pieces for our 40 foot arches and our specialty framed pieces.

The best part of the whole trip, however, was the ability to see the great things they were working on. Prepping for a Center for Independent Living Stroll and Roll walk-a-thon event, we were blowing up balloons for a 20 foot arch and a couple of 7 foot balloon columns to place around the event venue. The photo above shows one of the arches we worked on for this event.

The Stroll and Roll event has supporters, volunteers and walkers out to raise awareness for disability rights and inclusion for the Central Florida area. This event took place at Harbor Park in Lake Baldwin and creates opportunities for individuals and families living with ALL abilities to live independently. Feel free to reach out to the Center for Independent Living if you would like to be involved in their cause.

Tobin and Linda from Central Florida Balloon Decor were building an arch in a pattern we hadn’t done here yet at YTE Events and Balloon Decor at the time. They were creating an “ombre effect.” They were using a color stacking pattern with a series of colors that varies from orange to goldenrod to yellow. Though we had created garland and organic pieces with the ombre look, we had not created this specific style.

We had seen examples of this before, but have not incorporated it into our balloons. We just haven’t thought of it while speaking with clients. For some reason it was not placed in our repertoire of design elements to work from. That has changed today! It was gorgeous! The ombre of orange to goldenrod and then goldenrod to yellow looked fantastic. It is definitely a design we will be incorporating into some of our upcoming events. We especially love the ombre effect on the balloon arches.

Not knowing whether we would get to see the arch on location, we snapped a quick photo of the pre-build to make sure that it wasn’t forgotten. Luckily though, we have wonderful friends in Orlando that were happy to provide us photos of the final product on location.

If you would like a balloon arch, an ombre effect on your balloon decor, or some other specialty balloon decor, please let us know. We would be happy to help. We offer services in Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, and all throughout the central Florida area.

Now, off to go visit Disney and take a break from our balloons for a little bit!

For more information on arches, you can visit our arch page. Otherwise, dive a little deeper with our next blog on arches.

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