We’ve finally decided to compile all the most common questions about balloon artists into a single space. Below you will find all the questions we’ve ever heard and any we could think of. We’ve taken our time to answer each as quickly and thoroughly as possible so that you can have a quick answer to every question. If you don’t see a question that you have about balloon decor, please let us know and we will be happy to update the page.

How much are balloon arches?

For an air-filled balloon arches, prices are typically $200 – $700. Prices vary based on size, complexity, and design. When receiving prices for a balloon arch, most decorators will provide an estimated cost per linear foot. Standard classic decor is between $11-$15 per foot, whereas organic balloon garland can be $20 – $90 per linear foot, depending on what types of balloons are being used and the thickness of the garland. For a full article on what you can expect to pay for a balloon arch, click here.

Do balloon arches need helium?

It used to be that all arches were made with helium. More recently, most arches are made without helium on framework. They are more durable, last longer, and are not a threat to the environment. At YTE Events and Balloon Decor, we do our best to always provide a green choice of a non-helium balloon arch.

How long do balloon arches last?

Most balloon arches will last a full day if made of helium. Air-filled arches can last up to a month or more inside and not exposed to the elements. When an air-filled balloon arch is placed outside, we cannot guarantee it, but we certainly do anything we can to help with the longevity of the balloons. Keeping balloons away from direct sunlight, heat, water, and excessive wind can help them last longer. You can learn more about how long a balloon arch can last from our article here.

Where do I find a balloon arch near me?

Open Google and search for “Balloon Decor” and you should find a balloon decorator near you that can build a balloon arch. If you are in the Tampa area, please feel free to contact YTE Events and Balloon Decor and we will be happy to help with your event. We absolutely love working with new clients and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Will a balloon arch work for a birthday party?

Balloon arches are great for entrances at a birthday party or to decorate the gift table or cake table. A birthday balloon arch can also be used to create a photo op for the guests. Most parties, we are building an arch over the cake or gift table. We also use them for entrances and photo ops.

Should my prom have a balloon arch?

Every prom should have a balloon arch! Decorate the entrance with something unique and provide a balloon arch for your prom guests to enter through. Arches can be made to match any theme and we can even build custom balloon decor pieces to accent as well.

How big is a balloon arch for a cake table?

If you want the arch to be on the floor and go over a 6′ table, you will need a 24′ arch. If you are attaching the arch to the top of the table and using a smaller arch frame, you can probably get away with a 16′ arch.

Can you get a balloon arch on a table?

There are table arches that can be made by attaching framing to a cake table or gift table. These table balloon arches are typically less expensive than the standard full sized arches too!

Are balloon arches easy to make?

As with anything, a balloon arch is simple once you understand how to put it together. The best resource is a balloon decor convention where professionals can teach you step by step how to create a balloon arch. The first balloon arch was made by tying helium balloons together with paper clips and string.

Are balloon arches tacky?

There are elegant and beautiful arches that can be made from balloons, but it does take an artist to pull off some designs. If the decorator is not trained, a balloon arch might in fact turn out tacky.

How are balloon arches made?

Balloon arches start with a frame and have balloons added to it, typically in clusters of 4. These clusters are packed together over the course of the frame to make a gorgeous piece of balloon decor.

Who makes balloon arches?

The term for a person that makes balloon arches would be either “balloon decorator” or “balloon artist”. As “balloon artist” also refers to the people that decorate the hot air balloons, we typically use “balloon decorator” as our main label for simplicity.

Are balloon arches good for weddings?

There are elegant balloon decorations available for weddings. Arches are great, but the most popular balloon decor involves large organic installations or custom balloon sculptures.

Are balloon arches a good fit for my event?

Balloon arches are great for any event. It is only a matter of finding the correct arch pattern, color, and style so that your event is decorated in style.

What are good balloon arches for graduation?

If you are going to have a balloon arch for your graduation event, be sure to include foil numbers for your graduation year and school colors on the arch!

What make great balloon arches for baby showers?

A baby shower is a great time to experiment with sculpted balloon arches. You can have columns made of baby bottles, giraffes, or other unique sculpted items of balloons.

What should I focus on for a balloon arch for birthday party?

Birthday parties are easy. Focus on having an arch that matches the theme or focus on bright colors and fun. A balloon arch at the entrance or behind a cake table is a great addition to any birthday party.

Are balloon arches for rent?

Most decorators will set up a balloon arch and would have no issue letting you keep the balloons if you chose to keep them. However, the framing is mostly only a rentable item so that they can build more decor pieces for other clients and help keep the costs down for everyone. In that sense, you are renting the arch for a time period, but the balloons themselves are often not able to be used again. So, it is a one-time rentable item if it were to be classified as a rentable item in the first place.

What are the most common uses for balloon arches?

Balloon arches are mostly used to show an entrance or an exit. This is useful at fundraising walks, school dances, corporate meetings, and even for a birthday party. Balloon Arches can also be used to highlight an area such as a stage, a photo op, or a gift table. As arches can be inside or outside, there are a ton of uses for them.

Can I get a custom balloon arch?

We create bespoke custom balloon decor all the time and would be happy to create a custom arch for your event. We can use your color palette, a custom pattern or design, and we can even move away from the classic semi-circle pattern and make something more abstract or unique for your event. If you have questions, just ask your balloon decor designer.

Can I use a balloon arch at a doorway?

You can! What is important to know as a decorator is whether the arch will be inside or outside, whether the doors open toward the arch or away from it, and the height of the ceiling where the arch will be placed. With this information, a balloon decor designer can put together a mockup for your event that can provide you with sizing and pricing options for your balloon arch.

Why can’t I build my own balloon arch?

The short answer is that you can. We have been building balloon decor for over 10 years and have specialized in making sure that we have consistent high-quality work and framing that does not damage floors, ceilings, or walls. If those things are not of importance to you or your event, then you certainly can purchase balloons at a local party store and put together you own arch. We love when people pick up the joy of balloons. We just love doing for people more!

Can you build a balloon arch with letters?

A balloon arch can be made with only letters and helium or letters can be filled to an air-filled arch. Foil balloon letters and numbers are available in 14”, 16”, and 32” sizes. The numbers and letters also come in a variety of colors. So, there are tons of options for adding letters to your balloon decor. Just let us know what you would like to have on your arch, and we can customize the decor for you.

Can I get a balloon arch for my pool?

You may! You can get an arch over your pool, in your pool, or near your pool. Just let us know the type of balloon arch you would like for your pool and YTE Events and Balloon Decor can help facilitate for your event.

Is there a delivery fee for balloon arches?

Most companies do charge a fee for balloon delivery. YTE Events and Balloon Decor charges $150 per event for delivery and is happy to combine orders whenever possible to save on delivery charges.

Can balloon arches be made with flowers?

Anything is possible. When dealing with mixed mediums, it is often useful to have an expert in each field of study. For instance, to create a balloon arch with floral inserts, a florist may be called upon to make sure the correct greenery is added and appropriate for the season. The balloon decorator may place the floral pieces as they build out the garland on site.

Can I get a balloon arch with lights?

Lights are so much fun! Balloon arches can be made with all sorts of lights. There are options for battery operated lights and lights that plug into the wall. It mostly depends on application, location, and length of time the lights are needed. For the best effect, use white balloons for lighting.

Do balloon arches and columns go together?

Like siblings, balloon arches and columns go great together, but also have the areas where they shine. Arches are great for entrances and photo ops where columns are great for accents and attention. A great combo for a grand opening is a balloon arch over the entrance and a balloon column on either side of the door.

Do I need a balloon arch for my backdrop?

A backdrop typically is a very square pattern and there is no framing. For the best photo and the best appearance, something needs to frame the backdrop. We feel that a balloon arch does that quite well. You can also use balloon columns, a custom sculpture, or sections of organic garland to accent the wall.

What other events are great for balloon arches?

Balloon arches are great for bridal showers, christenings, baptisms, Christmas parties, weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, mitzvahs, proms, homecoming, and really any celebration where balloons and fun are useful to add. We can even add the entertainers as well!

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