The Stanley Cup is not just a silver trophy; it’s the embodiment of dreams, dedication, and sheer talent for every hockey aficionado. And when your hometown heroes, the Bolts, are skating their way towards it, the excitement is palpable. In a year shadowed by the pandemic, the victories tasted even sweeter. And to elevate this excitement to an all-time high, we erected a colossal balloon arch outside the iconic Amalie Arena. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at this masterpiece!

Taking The Arch To New Heights

Our typical balloon arches usually rise to about eight feet, creating a magnificent and welcoming sight. However, for the Bolts, we wanted to push the boundaries. This special arch towered at a whopping fourteen feet! It was not just about its visual appeal but the indomitable spirit it represented.

Building The Arch: A Glimpse Into The Process

  1. Foundation First: We laid the groundwork with two solid weighted bases, ensuring the arch would be steady, especially considering its mammoth size.
  2. Archway Blueprint: Connecting an arch-shaped frame between the two weights, we prepared a blueprint for the balloons to come.
  3. Balloon Tying: The next step was labor-intensive, but every balloon tied brought the arch closer to completion. We strategically tied off balloons across the entire structure.

Choosing The Iconic Bolts Colors

When you think of Bolts, blue and white instantly come to mind. The challenge was ensuring our arch stood out against the backdrop of Amalie Arena. We carefully alternated layers of white and blue balloons, ensuring the arch’s distinctiveness against the building’s white facade.

Our Partnership With Amalie Arena

Our association with Amalie Arena isn’t new. Time and again, we’ve collaborated with them, adding a touch of magic and merriment to the numerous events they host. It’s always exhilarating working with a team that believes in turning events into unforgettable experiences.

Elevate Your Events With Our Balloon Arches

The monumental arch we crafted for the Bolts is just one of the many designs we can create. If you’re looking to bring an added charm and energy to your events, our balloon arches are the answer. Dive into our extensive portfolio or let us customize one just for you. A grand spectacle awaits your audience!

If you want to see how we can liven up your events with balloon arches, then reach out to us and see what we offer as our most popular designs. An arch of this huge size could be part of your events in the near future!

For more information on arches, you can visit our arch page. Otherwise, dive a little deeper with our next blog on how long a balloon arch will last

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