Pop Drops are the new thing when it comes to balloon drops. They are hip, classy, and cool. Rather than the standard netting of balloons crossing the ceiling, a pop drop actually looks like stationary balloon decor throughout the night. It is only when the time comes to explode them that it really makes an impact. Not only is there a bursting of the large balloons, but there are hundreds of balloons that fall at the same time. The auditory as well as the visual impact make the effect outstanding for almost any special occasion.


For this particular event, there were 4 pop drops set up for a new years eve celebration in a nightclub downtown. Park and Rec in Tampa had us decorate with organic balloon decor garland on the far wall and then a few columns as well to help invite people into the venue. Once inside, the balloons on the ceiling matched the decor and were easily blended into the rest of the decor. Because it looks like just another piece of the decor, the effect is that much cooler when the time comes to pop it.


Below is a video showcasing a number of different options for events, including balloon pop drops. You’ll see them near 0:15 in the video. It will show how the decor starts out looking like every other piece of decor and then pops and instantly drops into a fun and exciting event.


If you want to know more about balloon drops, you can read more about them here: https://yteevents.com/balloon-decor/balloon-drops/


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