What makes a balloon drop?
A drop entails a net that is suspended over a dance floor or from the ceiling that, at the right moment, releases all the inflated balloons for a exciting and visual impact. The cascading raining of round balloons brilliantly tumbling upon the audience, in the foreground of, or in the background of a guest of honor can really help to bring attention to a unique event. Balloon drops are mostly intended to visibly accentuate the apex of an event with a tumbling ocean of color.

When can I use balloon drops?
Even though balloon drops could be used for plenty of different events and for a number of different goals, the prime occasion we are installing a balloon drop is for New Years Eve, functions in which a hero or election is being told, wedding receptions for the entrance of the bride and groom, and for school functions.

Watch a balloon drop:

Following consists of a small list of thoughts of events and places where drops would be relevant. That said, this is not a comprehensive list and drops certainly can be a part of any occasion.

  •  Homecomings, Winter Formals, or other School Dances: Balloons are normally dropped close to the conclusion of the event and encourages the students to wait up until the very conclusion.
  •  Spirit Assemblies: This is a great way to help increase team spirit alongside some vibrancy and zest! Typically we release the balloons on the team as they enter. Sometimes we release the balloons on the speakers at the end of a pep rally speech.
  •  Award Ceremonies: Whether or not the drop is for Prom, or announcement of the new CEO coming to the company … A balloon drop around the guests of honor is always a hit!
  •  Wedding Receptions: Typically a drop net will release a cascade of colorfully tumbling over the newlyweds enter the reception area.
  •  NYE Balloon Drops: New Years Eve: Our top requested drop season due to the fact all of our clients enjoy the simultaneous drop of the balloon drop and the new year!

Above is a balloon drop in Egypt Lake-Leto. If you are there or a nearby area and want a balloon drop for your event, give us a call!

We can also travel. Before the event pictured, we went and dropped off another balloon drop in Town ‘n’ Country. We do work for all of the Central Florida area and are happy to provide a balloon drop for your special event too!

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New Years Eve Balloon Drop

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