Arabian Nights Event

We had a fantastic event we put together in Orlando for an Arabian Nights theme event. For it, we created a wall to surround the room and to create an atmosphere of fun. This is a shot of the wall near the completion of the build. As we were not around for the complete setup of the event, we did not get photos of the room completed. That said, we were told it was absolutely gorgeous.

We’ve used a superior balloon wall technique here which makes it more rigid and strong and able to last for days at a time. Lucky for our crew, we got to tear it down early. The tell us all the time that the breakdown is their favorite part. The just love running into the room and breaking down all the balloons!

Though this is more of an aesthetically designed wall to create an atmosphere, we can also create walls of any type or size. Feel free to message us for more information and how we can build something unique for your event.

After your event is over, we strike the build, break down, clean up, and responsibly dispose of the latex balloon waste.