Elegant Balloon Wall Organic pink rose gold white tealBalloon walls are a great way to add decoration to any event, but they can also provide a great photo backdrop for your guests to take photos that will wow anyone. Many people have seen simple balloon walls, but YTE Events & Balloon Decor take them to the next level and add artistry and colors that many would never think of putting together. Balloons in different colors, finishes, and sizes were used to create this sample balloon wall. The different sizes creates an illusion that the balloons are spilling over into the room from behind the wall. This sample wall really proves that balloon walls can be as intricate as you want them to be for your special event.

Many guests have seen balloon walls at big corporate events, but they can also be made on smaller scales for birthday parties to fit in any home or small party rental space. They are easy to remove and do not create any damage to the walls. Balloon walls can also are customizable down to the color, shape, and size and are perfect for weddings. Our balloon artists can create elegant walls for ceremony backdrops or even backdrops for photos for the bridal party. The sky, or shall we say the wall, is the limit for what YTE Events & Balloon Decor can create for your special day.

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