Lights, Camera, Balloons! – Balloon Wall For Daytime WFLA

White and orange balloon wall and alligator balloon sculpture for Daytime.

On TV, it’s go big or go home! This balloon wall and accompanying sculpture were made for WFLA’s Daytime program.

The balloon wall with the channel logo was made using a large support structure held up by three heavy bases. We then arranged the white and orange balloons to match the logo for the program, careful to make sure there wasn’t a single balloon out of place! The wall was quite tall, as it had to be in frame from far away in the studio!

The alligator sculpture was a fun one to do! Using a single base, we built a splash of water using blues and whites for the wave as this gator jumps out. Light greens for the belly and dark greens for the back came together to make the iconic Florida alligator. We made sure to get some shiny white teeth and eyes for our gator, too. He has to see what he’s hunting down, after all!