Rainbow balloon wall decorations for private birthday partyIn a world where Instagram sets the standard for perfect photos, let your party be Instagram picture perfect. YTE Events & Balloon Decor leaves no stone unturned when it comes to creating unique and colorful party decorations. Recently, we have gotten a lot of requests for the perfect photo backdrop for photo booths. This colorful rainbow wall was created using non-helium balloons that were placed over a central wall where the photobooth was being set up. Guests were able to pick up silly props and take their pictures with the perfect backdrop. This wall matched perfectly the rainbow theme of the party.

Balloon walls are a simple yet fun way to add fun to any event. They can be customized to your space and can be as small or as large as you desire. The best part about balloon walls is that they come in different patterns. Balloons can be placed in a criss-cross pattern or set in square stacks. Primary colors can be used to create a rainbow pattern or walls can be solid in color. Our artists can even set a design into the wall to create faces or other fun patterns. The sky is the limit with what can be done with a balloon wall.

YTE Events & Balloon Decor has done many balloon walls for birthday parties, but they are also great backdrops for wedding events. Anything from wedding pictures, ceremonies, and sweetheart table backdrops in custom wedding colors adds something fun, unique, and beautiful to a special day. Contact us to create your wall today!

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