When you have an event which requires your venue to proclaim fun and excitement, balloon decorations tend to be the obvious choice. With their universal association with fun, balloons are great for spicing up an event and letting your guests know that fun is sure to abound.

Though balloons are great, there is not always adequate room for the decorations we would like to add. So, we have done our best to help focus on ceiling decor for grand opening events. By having our balloons decorate the ceiling, we can get more floor space while still filling the venue with the atmosphere your guests will come to love.

Outdoor balloon decor for grand openings tend to be big. We do big arches, big balloons floating in the sky, or even big sculptures to commemorate the special occasion. Indoor, there are often extra tables and chairs, entertainers, and even other things that would normally not be taking up floor space. So, since it is at a premium, we often find ourselves focusing on the ceiling above us for methods of decorating the space and building that awesome atmosphere while maintaining our floor space.

Types of Venues that love Ceiling Decor

There are many types of venues that benefit from ceiling decorations. The most popular of venues are probably car dealerships. After that, we have gyms, corporate offices, and even retail locations. The theme with all of these locations is the desire for keeping as much floor space as possible while still filling the venue with a fun and inviting environment. Sometimes the decor pieces are small and compact because of there being a lower roof. Sometimes the balloons span multiple stories of space and fill a giant atrium. There are unlimited possibilities with balloon decorations. So it should come at no surprize that there are unlimited ways to decorate a ceiling space at any number of different venues.

Car Dealerships

Though great for grand openings, many car dealerships run monthly specials or events and keep balloon decor up year round. For those dealerships, we almost exclusively specialize in balloon decorations for them. The showroom floor is often busy with sales reps and clients looking for their new vehicle. By adding a touch of fun ambiance, we can encourage positive feelings and some of that car buying magic. We keep the balloons off the floor and put them above the cars on the showroom floor so that anyone visiting the showroom can be brought into a place with a fun, colorful feel instead of a drab solid colored four-walled space.

Gym Grand Openings

When people are there to pump iron and to get in shape, they are pushing themselves to the limit of their physical ability. The clear cut walkways and lines in a gym can be disrupted if there are balloon figures all through the floor of the gym. So, we suggest adding the decor elements to the ceiling and space above the machines. Unlike most venues, there are actually a large number of guests who will be looking at the ceiling of the gym and will most likely welcome a happy sight of balloons rather than the usual drab, warehouse type look of most gym ceilings. Let us decorate your event while still offering plenty of floor space for all the activities people go to the gym to do. For a grand opening event, we can also add arches, columns, and sculptures throughout the space indoors and outdoors to let people know what is going on. If you choose, we can even add large cloudbuster balloons to float high above your gym in the sky.

Retail Store Grand Opening Event

The shelf space and floor space of a retail store is most likely the most valuable space out there. We want to help you show appreciation of your customers and guests while still allowing you the most profitable scenario we can. So, we will often turn to ceiling balloon decorations so that you can get your message across while still allowing for guests to freely roam your establishment unencumbered. For these events, we have done balloon bouquets at the cash registers, we have hung balloons from the ceiling through the isles, and we have even prepared balloon drops for special announcements and prize give-aways at customer appreciation events and grand openings.

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