A pair of brown balloon columns with a white baseball balloon topper in a college hallway.

College sports are a great way to blow off steam after a hard day of studying. These sports are also a great way to get everyone together and cheering for a common goal. Combine all of this with the prestige that sports can bring to a college and it’s easy to see why college sports matter so much to everyone. So, when this client wanted to work with us on a way to celebrate their baseball victories, we knew we had to drive the sports theme out of the park!


We made this pair of balloon columns to look just like a pair of baseball bats. To do this, we started with a black base and foundation to tie off the balloons to. From there, we placed a ring of brown latex balloons around the base to create the cap of the baseball bat. The next third of the column had offset rings of a lighter brown balloon tied off to create the handle of the wooden bat. To make the head of the bat, we went back to the darker brown balloons, inflating them more to make the head stand out. Finally, we topped the columns off with a white balloon with red lines, just the stitching on a baseball!


We delivered these columns fully built and ready for the client to use them. They were thrilled to see the theming we were able to make for this celebration! With just a few touches and an eye for detail, we were able to capture the excitement this client, and the whole college, had for this victory!

If you want to see some of the other amazing creations we’ve made, we have a whole gallery of past projects that we’re proud of! Also, if you want something like this for your next event, then check out our free, no-obligation quote and see what our popular options include.

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