Decorate with balloon columns for your graduation event!

Private graduation event that had yellow and black balloon columns.

Every family has a different way of celebrating graduation milestones for their children. For high school graduation, a private party can be a dinner with family, some outdoor games, or some other entertainment. This family had a great backdrop for their event – just look at that view of these party decorations! It was tough to match that vista, but our latex balloon pillars certainly tried!

These balloon sculptures were made with weighted bases surrounded by black balloons. Going up the balloon tower, we alternated between yellow and black rows for about six feet of height. We offset the balloons and alternated them in the column to add some visual complexity for the design. Plus, it just fills in the space better!

The tops of the columns had a single large, yellow 3 foot balloon to create a bright finish to the graduation balloon delivery. Since we knew these were going to be outside, the yellow would help catch the sunlight and reflect it back brightly. 

We arranged the number of columns the way we did to frame that waterside view and help direct folks to the party! This family had a wonderful time with their party and we were more than happy to play our part in bringing some smiles to everyone!

When it comes to the graduation ceremony, simple caps and gowns are tradition. When it comes to the party afterwards to celebrate, anything goes! So, toss that graduation cap to the side and party with a balloon arch, some columns, or even just some foil balloons around your event. When you party with decor, things just seem way more fun!

Want to add some decor for your graduation party?

There are many options for decor. Give us a call or look through our galleries to see some other amazing options for graduation decorations.

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