A pair of white and blue balloon columns, one of each side of the entrance to a martial arts school.

Learning a martial art is a great way to build both your body and your mind. It helps teach things like the value of a workout, discipline, and cooperation. That’s why so many martial arts academies offer summer camps and carpools – they want to do what it takes to teach kids these valuable lessons! So, when a local academy wanted some help sprucing up their entrance for one of these camps, we were delighted to do so!

Working with the client, we decided on this pair of balloon columns for their entrance. These columns started off as a white base with a central foundation going up through the middle. To that foundation, we tied off white and blue balloons up the seven-foot length. At the top, we used a huge, white balloon as the cap for these columns. 

We placed the balloons into stripes up and down the columns. Normally, we do spirals for our balloon columns since that works better for catching people’s eyes. The stripes for these columns are meant to represent the belts that new students use and earn while studying their art. Besides, the client wanted the stripes over the spirals, so that’s what we delivered!

Speaking of delivery, we w delivered these columns to the business entrance as you see them. The entrance for this business is underneath a big stone roof, so we didn’t need to worry about the weather affecting our columns. That’s why we felt confident with just our normal column bases to keep these rooted down.

These columns were a fun way to welcome these kids to the camp! While training isn’t the most fun thing to do, it’s a key part of growing as a martial artist and as a person. We love working with businesses of all kinds, so reach out to us if you want us to do something similar for your business!

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