Red and green balloon columns that look like stacks of Christmas presents and topped with monkey elves made out of foil balloons.

When you think about it, it’s amazing how much Christmas means to everyone. Why else would we want to think about it in the middle of the sweltering summer? Thoughts of cool weather, time together with family and loved ones, and sharing gifts are all fun and happy ideas that keep us going through the hot, sunny July days. So, for the Rays this July, we worked with them for an event to bring some of that Christmas joy to the stadium!

For this event, we made two different pairs of balloon columns. The first pair of columns were made to look like stacks of presents, while the other air was some elves climbing up a candy cane pole. 

Stack of Presents Balloon Columns

These columns were made to look like a stack of green and red Christmas presents. We tied green and red balloons off to create boxes, filling in extra space with smaller balloons of the same color or thin, white balloons to look like the string holding the present together. We also choose balloons with a white dot pattern on them to match the white balloons forming the string. 

To top off these columns, we added the same balloons as the string to create tall, curly bows on top of the gifts. It’s not a Christmas gift without a fun bow on top to open the gift!

Candy Cane Elves Balloon Columns

These candy cane balloon columns were made with the same green and red we used to make the presents. Green and red balloons made up the bottom and top of the columns, with thin, white balloons running with a twist alongside either green or red, depending on which column we were making. 

As a fun touch, we added foil balloons to make the elf on top of the column, as well as for some candy canes on the bottom. 

A Fun Way To Celebrate

It’s exciting to work with the Rays, especially when we get to do fun projects like this! If you want to see some of the other kinds of balloon columns we can make, then reach out to us about our free quote and see what our most popular designs are. We can alter most of them to make something unique to your event and imagination!

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