For A Healthier Tomorrow – Balloon Columns For A Vaccination Event

Series of balloon columns made for a vaccination event.

It’s no secret that the world has been crazy this last year. To encourage folks to come out and get a vaccine, this client asked that we spruce up their vaccination event. So, we made balloon columns for their rooms!

As you can see, this client had a myriad of sites set up for giving out vaccines. Each room had a balloon column done up to match the colors of the signage the client already had.

We started with a weighted black foundation. From there, we created spiraling stripes of dark and light blue balloons. These bands were made from balloons of all the same size. Finally, to top off the columns, we added a large pink balloon. This way, the columns stand out by catching the eye and directing everyone to the vaccination sites!

We’re happy to have been part of this event. We’ve taken a lot of precautions and made changes over this past year to make sure we could keep delivering fun for clients despite restrictions. Here’s to a healthier future!