A pair of black and white balloon columns themed around the Pac Man arcade game.

Back in the days where video games played chiptunes and look blockier than a Lego set, arcades were the spot to hang out! Rows of quarters on the popular boxes would mark the line of kids waiting to play, and bold neon colors would adorn the arcade. It was a great place to have fun and relax after school!

This client wanted to evoke that feeling for their arcade-themed event. So, we got to work with them to see what game we could use to call up that nostalgic arcade feeling. That’s how we settled on Pac-Man!

The pair of balloon columns we made for the client started as a white, weighted base at the bottom. Our balloon artist then started to work their way up the central frame for the columns, tying off black balloons halfway up the column. The balloons we alternated up the column to give the column a full look with no gaps or spaces. 

Once they got to the top half of the column, we added some white balloons in a line on the front of each of the columns. This was because we knew we’d be adding our very own Pac-Man and ghosts to the columns. So, wanted to capture a scene of Pac-Man scrolling up the column, eating pellets along the way while one of the ghosts tried to track him down along the other column! Finally, we topped off the column with a large, white balloon to represent the Power Pellets from the arcade game. That ghost better watch out!

This was a fun blast from the past for our team to work on! Many of the folks on our team grew up with these kinds of games, so we were happy to take a trip down memory lane with this client for their event.

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