We just finished a dance floor for an end of the year dance for Christ the King Catholic School. The theme was Nautical and we made a 4 column dance floor with a helium balloon criss-cross arch to go over top of the room. We even added a little flair on top of each of the columns as well so that they were more fun and playful than just a standard Column. The budget was a little tight on this event, but we ended up getting a lot of cool decor by having a “balloon artist in training” along to the event. We essentially saved about an hour on the event and gained the ability to add some anchors and life preservers to the column decor as well.

We created two of these Sailor Men for them to put at entrance doors. As we went to break down for the event, we discovered many were going to an after party too. So, we let them keep one of the Sailors and they ended up taking him to the party too!

Balloons can be lots of fun for any event. Let us put together a proposal for you! We love decor and think you should too!

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