PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational professional services network and when they have events, they want to make sure they make a statement with the decorations without being too distracting. YTE Events & Balloon Decor was happy to provide some fun balloon decorations for their recent career event. Sometimes simple is more and in this case we did not want to go too over the top. Foil star balloons in the event’s colors were used throughout the event welcoming space. The welcome sign was flanked by a bouquet of the star balloons in the yellow, orange, and red. While these balloons drew attention to the welcome sign and sign in table, it was a subtle and not too over the top for the professional event.

Even the smallest amount of balloons can make a big impact. If your space or budget does not allow for a large balloon sculpture or centerpiece, balloons are still not out of the question for your event. Small balloon bouquets are perfect for smaller spaces or shorter events. Foil balloons in shapes, such as stars, baseballs, and animals are perfect to match an event theme, without taking up much space. Foil balloon letters and numbers are also perfect for writing out dates or event hashtags. Contact YTE Events & Balloon Decor to let us discuss options for subtle balloon decorations that make a large impact.

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