Balloon Ceiling Decor For Graduation

Balloon Ceiling Decorations are great for Graduations

Organic balloon ceiling decor done for a private graduation celebration.

Every family likes to celebrate a high school school graduation differently. Some will go out, some will host a party for the whole neighborhood, and others have a small private event! This client had a picture of which decor ideas they wanted to do in their mind already, but just needed some help getting there.

The decorations, namely the balloon garland across the doorway and ceiling, were made by us offsite. We created a balloon sculpture of blue and yellow balloons to hang from the client’s entryway. This, along with the string lights, helped set the mood for the dining area. We made this sculpture using a basic wire frame since we didn’t need any weights to hold it down like with an archway or column.

Once we had everything ready, the client picked up the organic decor to set up themselves. This picture was actually something the client sent to us! While we love going in and helping folks to set up their events, we’re more than happy to provide the fun from behind the scenes!

The class of 2021 graduation ceremony was much to be desired. So, any addition of decor to help in celebrating graduation was welcomed.

Looking for more ideas on how to decorate?

When it comes to graduation, there are many different ways to decorate. As a shortcut to all the craziness, you can also google images baby shower decorations, birthday party ideas, and even wedding balloons. When you look up decor from other types of events, sometimes you can find something that stands out and might fit your theme more perfectly. You can also search phrases like “Balloon Decor” + your school colors. That can help you find many different options that are in the correct colors for your event.

What are common things people have at high school graduation events?

  • Balloon Columns
  • Balloon Arches
  • Garlands or Swags
  • Latex Balloon Bouquets
  • Foil Balloon Bouquets
  • Picture Frames or Photo Backdrops
  • Decorations over a Cake Table
  • And much more!