Pool Party

Everyone loves a night time pool party in Florida! A local beach resort recently hosted their annual New Year’s Eve party on the beach with a glowing pool party. We provided glowing balloon decorations that appeared to be floating on and above their pool to create a fun centerpiece for the event. Weights were utilized to hold down the balloons to prevent any movement or flying away of the balloons. Special glow sticks were placed inside the balloon to create a glowing effect that illuminated the pool in vibrant colors.

Organic balloon decorations, such as these glowing balloons, are a fun, simple, and unique way to add fun to your event. Balloons vary in size, creating a more natural flow to the balloon decorations. Adding special glow sticks into the balloons create bright and colorful lights to light up any night time event, not just New Year’s Eve. Consider these fun and colorful orbs upcoming Valentine’s day events, spring break parties, and even weddings! If you are looking for a WOW factor for your event, these balloons are the way to go! Contact YTE Events & Balloon Decor to make your night event shine!