Promotional photo of a variety of kids and families wearing balloon decor or toting group balloon sculptures.

No one wants to be another face in the crowd. Even the shyest among us have dreamed at one point or another to be the center of attention. Whether you have a message you want to spread, a business to prompt, or just want to have fun, capturing the spotlight for just a moment can matter a lot!

This because we all have unique personalities and experiences that make us irreplaceable. While can be hard to stand out on your own, we can help you catch everyone’s eye with our balloon costumes and sculptures. With the bright colors and fun shapes our balloon artists can achieve, you’ll have something you can walk around in that brings everyone’s attention to you. Think of the smiles and laughs you can bring in!

Whether it’s a costume or a sculpture, we know how to get these set up for you. The costumes can be as simple or flashy as you want – just take a look at the folks in the picture! Some have a few long balloons hanging from their back, while others have a full-on dress. The only limitation here is your imagination!

We’ll also work with you to get these delivered wherever they need to go. For some of our clients, we deliver on-site and set up alongside them so that we maximize the impact our sculptures will have at their event. For others, we deliver the pieces and the client puts it together themselves. 

Our goal isn’t to invade anyone’s imagination. Instead, we want to bring out that imagination and make something fun and memorable for everyone! If you want to stand out this Independence Day, then contact us on our website and see what fun concepts we can help you bring to life!

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