Group of people with balloon decor on their backs and heads standing out in a crowd at a parade.

Independence Day is getting closer as 4th of July is upon us. Organizations are starting to set what they’re doing for their parades and events, but what about the people who are going? All the barbecues, festivals, and other gatherings will be jammed pack full of people ready to celebrate. How will you stand out in that crowd?

We can help you stand out! The great thing when balloons filled the parade route is that you can make huge displays and sculptures out of them and they weigh almost nothing! Instead of taking a star spangled flag with you, you can have the red, white, and blue on your back with a fun, squiggly backpack of balloons. 

You can also make headwear out of balloons, too! Hats or headbands with long party balloons sticking up in the air to look like fireworks displays are one way to stand in a crowd! They’re also easy to remove in case you need to get in and out of the house quickly. 

There are all sorts of ways to use balloon decor to stand out in Independence Day celebrations. If you want to see some other options, contact us and we’ll be happy to talk about ideas with you. There’s plenty of ways to stand out with latex or foil balloons – it just takes a little imagination!

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