Group balloon column sculpture of the American Flag for a parade

With Independence Day around the corner, communities in the area are finishing up their plans for the big day. While businesses and neighborhood groups get together to talk about floats, others are finding different ways to stand out. We’ve got a fun way you can fly the red, white, and blue: group balloon columns!

Getting everyone together and making one joint display makes for a fun event! The cooperation and teamwork needed to pull this off help bring everyone together. Plus, who doesn’t love a little flair at a celebration?

It’s also a reminder of how this country was founded. Almost 250 years ago, the thirteen colonies broke away from the British empire and struck out on their own. The only way they could do this was by fighting together against the crown and working together to found this country.

Thankfully, we don’t have to fight just to survive or exist anymore! That’s one of the many reasons to be grateful for this nation. We’ve been able to overcome much in our 250-year history, and more reasons come up every day to be proud. If you’re interested in getting a quote on some decor like this for your event, contact us and we’ll work with you to make your parade as colorful as possible!

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