Corporate events are some of our favorites. They’re often hosted in large open spaces which are a blank slate for lots of decor to fill the space. We also get to be creative with ways to incorporate branding; whether that’s colors, logos, company names, and even mascots!

What are our staple items for professional events? Balloon arches are a must have decor item. Marking the entrance to the event is necessary help your guests know they’re in the right place. It’s especially important if you’re at a venue with multiple event spaces, such as Armature Works in Tampa.

Using columns with toppers as a way to guide your guests to different stations helps your event to run smoothly. This avoids the confusion of your guests not knowing where to go next, or who to ask! If sponsors are involved in making your event happen(such as with business networking events, school fundraisers, and bridal shows), then column toppers are the perfect way to incorporate their brand advertisements.

YTE Events works with you to create event decor to fit your occasion, venue, and style!

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