Are you ready to make a splash? We get calls all the time from people wanting to dress up their birthday parties and events. This was a call for a friend’s mother who wanted to have black, white and lime green balloon columns around their pool area to accent their party area and to make sure it was a little more festive for them and their guests. This was tons of fun and actually added a bunch to the atmosphere. I took photos in the light, but as this was an event at night there were other cool things we did you may not be able to see. They large balloons at the top of each column had lights inside of them that caused them to glow and add a little bit more wow factor at the event as well. It was by far a fantastic birthday party with plenty of cool balloon decor to accent the event.

There are so many choices when it comes to pool party decor! Columns, arches over the pool, free floaters, anchored floaters, balloon sculptures and so much more! Customize pool floaters with special sayings, colors, or even ask about adding a special glow to the balloons for a breathtakingly illuminated nighttime scene! Foil balloon shapes are a beautiful option to use during the day so they shimmer in the sunshine.

HBD pool floater decor

BOY pool floater balloon decor

Pool Party  curved column and floaters

Welcome little one pink balloon pool floaters

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