Celebrating A New Life – Balloon Decor For A Baby Shower

Baby shower balloon decor for private residence made with yellow and gold balloons in a crescent shape.

Welcoming a new life to the world is a happy dream for many couples. So, when that time comes, it’s no surprise that couples want to celebrate the coming growth of their family with friends and loved ones. To make that event special, this client had us work with them to create something that would match their vision and home decor!

This crescent decor was made with a frame covered in balloons colored in different yellows and gold. The yellows that we used were also a combination of solid and see-through. We also used a variety of sizes for this decor to create something inspired by a dream-like landscape. 

to the decor in bunches that add some difference in color to the decor. They were also added to match the golden streamer curtain behind the chair that held up this decor. 

This seven-foot-long balloon decor worked with the backdrop and the furniture in the living room of this client to create a wonderful photo space. Sitting down in this chair, surrounded by the balloons and framed by the golds and yellows, makes a photo that captures the bright future to be had as this family grows. We’re always happy to bring some cheer and class to the start of something wonderful like this!