Havana Ooh Na Na

As any event planner knows, the decor is a crucial aspect of any successful party. One way to create a fun and festive atmosphere is with a colorful balloon sculpture. And when it comes to a “Havana Nights” themed event, there’s no better way to bring the tropical vibe than with a unique and eye-catching balloA wall of colorful balloons stands to the left of a small table draped in light blue fabric. A hat rack stands to the right, covered in decorative foliage and several different colored hats.on sculpture!

Our plan for approaching this décor included adding not only our balloons, but additional elements as well. We constructed a hat rack draped in faux foliage to evoke the natural beauty of Havana. Once the rack was complete, we selected hats of various colors to complement the colorful balloon sculpture. Lastly, a table with a single hat was placed in the middle to complete the space. The result was a beautiful area for our guests to enjoy  and take photos at that fit perfectly into the theme of the event.

A colorful balloon sculpture is a fun and creative way to bring a festive atmosphere to any event, especially a themed party, such as a local Havana Nights themed event we were invited to decorate.