YTE Events & Balloon Decor balloon artists love to think outside the box and put their abilities to the test. Recently, we were asked to create a one of a kind sculpture for a private baby shower. The client wanted a fun, elephant sculpture to greet guests upon entering the event space. Our balloon artists decided to create an elephant balancing on a ball. Balloons in navy were used to create the elephant. Small balloons were twisted to create the arms, legs, trunk, and arms. The elephant was then placed on top of a stack of balloons to appear like he is performing a balancing act. Guests loved the unique sculpture and kids enjoyed seeing some fun colors in the ballroom.

Balloon sculptures like this are not seen every day, which make them a fun and exotic treat for guests at events. YTE Events & Balloon Decor balloon artists have done a wide variety of balloon sculptures in the past. Baby bottles are popular for baby showers and we have even sculpted a bride and groom for weddings and wedding showers. Licensed characters, including super heroes, are great for birthdays and movie theatre events as well. The possibilities are endless, and YTE Events & Balloon Decor are experts at making your vision a reality. Call us today to have one of our balloon artists create something your guests won’t forget.


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