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FrankCrum Celebrates 40 Years Of Service

For the last 40 years, FrankCrum has been helping businesses to focus on their business without worrying about HR headaches. By handling many of the tasks a dedicated human resources team could do, FrankCrum lets employers and their employees focus on their tasks instead of things payroll and insurance. 

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, FrankCrum reached out to us to help them create something to display their pride and accomplishments over these last four decades. Together we came up with an idea they loved: a pair of balloon sculptures showing off their time spent helping businesses!

Both of these sculptures stand almost ten feet tall. Altogether, it took three weighted bases to hold these down since they were so big! Each of these sculptures was made using the FrankCrum company colors: light blue, navy blue, and neon green! We added these balloons in clusters and spirals around the foundation, using the neon green to catch everyone’s eye in the bright sunshine!

This sculpture was set up just outside of their main business entrance in Clearwater. Just inside of the door was where their celebration was taking place, so we had to make sure this sculpture would stand up and direct folks inside. That’s why these were so tall!

For business events like this, we do what we can to match what the event organizers have in mind. FrankCrum could have asked for decor inside their building as well. However, since they had that covered already, they just wanted out help getting their employees hyped up for the party with this big statement piece!

If you’d like us to help out with your next big company party, then contact us to see what other kinds of fun balloon decor we can do! We love working with businesses in the area that help the Bay area thrive!

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