Letters Of Pride Balloon Sculptures

Bold and Proud

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Pride balloon sculpture using rainbow balloons to create each separate letter for Amazon in Ruskin, FL.

We’ve been asked to help with big Pride events in the past. Float decor and balloon sculptures are some of the more common things we do for our clients. However, when someone really wants to go big with Pride, well…we have no choice but to oblige!

In total, we made five balloon sculptures to come together as one huge piece for this Pride event. Each letter stands about ten feet tall and was made as the capital letter to emphasize everyone’s pride at the event! 

From left to right, the letters go through the color of the rainbow. Each letter has some amount of two of the rainbow colors. We measured out the total width of the sculpture when we designed this piece to make sure each color would get an equal part in the scene! From there, we tied off the multicolored balloons to the frame. Each letter was held down with a weighted base that was sturdy enough to keep these large letters in place.

This is one of the biggest projects we’ve done for Pride in a while. It’s always a blast to go crazy with scale and color for a project – especially when the client was as into the idea as we were!

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