Heart-shaped balloon sculpture made of red latex balloons in a building lobby.

Balloon sculptures let us explore our creativity in ways we don’t get to with other balloon decor choices. That’s why sculptures hold a special place in our hearts – and, in this case, our client’s heart! For this event, our client wanted something that would make for a fun and eye-catching piece in the lobby of the event venue. What better way to display the love we wanted to show than with a huge heart sculpture?

This sculpture started off with three separate bases to hold up the frame for the balloons. Since this was going to be big, we needed to make sure the sculpture would stay upright the whole night. To the frame, we tied off the balloons that would make up the heart. We used different shades of red to catch the eye and make the overall pattern of the heart more interesting. 

The pattern of the balloons is done to fill up as much space as possible. We started with the larger balloons along the sides and the interior of the heart pattern. Once those larger spaces were filled in, we used the smaller balloons as a space filler, changing the orientation of the balloons to pop up from the larger ones. That way, the sculpture had another layer of fun visual design.

Our client was thrilled to receive this sculpture for their event. They had it set up in the lobby of the venue, near the reception desk for everyone to see. Even for a seemingly simple request like a hear sculpture, there are a lot of elements to think about when making balloon decor like this. We’re more than happy to do so in order to bring smiles and delight to any event that wants our help. Reach out to us if you want to see what we can offer for your events!

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