Balloon sculpture of Raymond of the Tampa Bay Rays for the Chamber of Commerce

Raymond isn’t the easiest stingray to get a hold of! When he’s off cheering on the Rays at their games, we have to find a stand-in for photos at events here in the Tampa area. So, when the Chamber of Commerce needed Raymond, we were happy to deliver this sculpture for their photo op!

We made this Raymond stand about as tall as the real one. Using black foundations, we added white balloons for his baseball cleats and dark blue for his legs and arms. His jersey is made from white balloons, including one printed with the Rays’ logo. Gotta rep the team, after all! We finished Raymond’s head with some light and dark blue balloons, and some stickers for the eyes.

Raymond made for a great photo op on the way inside, especially when combined with the backdrop for the Chamber of Commerce. This was a lot of fun to make, and a great way to rep the Rays!

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