Pride In Our Hearts – Balloon Sculpture For Pride Photo Opportunity

Balloon sculpture for a private pride event.

With love and pride in our hearts, we present this balloon sculpture! This was a balloon sculpture was made for a private Pride group event at Shuffle. 

We built this sculpture using a heart-shaped support on three bases. Bands of purple balloons were tied off to the bottom of the heart. We then worked our way up the support through the rest of the rainbow. Each band of the rainbow was about two to three balloons wide – just enough to let that color shine through!

The best part: this sculpture was actually a photo opportunity you could climb inside of! In total, this sculpture stood around eight feet tall! The inside of the sculpture was hollow, and you could walk inside of the sculpture through one of the open sides. The red balloons would frame you and your friends as your picture was taken!

During Pride, our clients will always be looking for unique ways to express themselves at their events. No two events are ever the same, and this sculpture shows just that. We’re always looking for creative ways to bring a smile to everyone’s face!