Red foil balloon sculpture made to look like a slipper with a silver foil lining on the inside.

An elegant shoe for an elegant dance…that was the thought we had in mind when we were making this balloon sculpture for our client! The client wanted something that would bring out the elegance and glamour of their event. A ruby red slipper was the perfect fit!

To start making this sculpture, we had to start with a base that would make the shape of the slipper. We folded the foundation for the balloons into the curve of the slipper’s arch. Propping up the back of the slipper with the base solidified the elegant shape we were looking for in our design!

For there, we started adding the red foil balloons to the foundation. We went with red, heart-shaped foil balloons for the sculpture. The hearts were a fun and cute shape that fit well together and minimize open space on the sculpture. That’s also we why alternated the rows of balloons between right-side-up and upside down – it’s a way to fill space and make the design more interesting!

Once we had the heart balloons in place, we moved on to working on the inside of the slipper. We knew we wanted the inside to look like the red foil from the rest of the slipper. So, we added sheets of thin foil to the inside of the slipper, tying it off to the same points we had added the heart balloons. With a little bit of finesse and some help from gravity, we had a slipper insole that looked just like the outside, but now silver!

We delivered the sculpture fully built and ready for the dance floor, which our client appreciated. We don’t get requests to make foil balloon sculptures very often, so this piece was a fun way to flex our creativity and show off what we can do! In everything we do, we deliver our best efforts to make sure events go without a hitch!

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