Turkey balloon sculpture made out of orange, yellow, blue and white balloons designed to look like a cartoon Thanksgiving turkey.

A while ago, a local Macy’s store at Wiregrass Mall in Wesley Chapel wanted to spruce up the entrance for Thanksgiving. Instead of doing columns or a balloon arch like many others have done, they want a full sculpture done to greet customers. That’s how we ended up making such a huge, smiling turkey for them!

To this turkey, we started with a black base and some yellow balloons. The talons of his feet were made with red balloons to help them stand out from the yellow. These yellow balloons ran up the length of the foundation and up to the body and tail, where most of our color work went. 

The body of the turkey was mostly orange balloons, but we changed up the sizes and shapes of the balloons. We did this to fill in extra space as well as create the puffed-up look actual turkeys have to their bodies. 

The tail was layers of different colors, going from yellow to orange to blue and white. The yellow ring of balloons attached to the body, then each new layer was placed on top of the previous one. To mix up the look of these balloon feathers for the tail, we inflated the blue balloons to be a little bigger than the others. Since turkey feathers billow out a little at the ends, the blue balloons looked close to real turkey feathers when we did this!

To finish off the turkey, we made his neck and head with tan balloons. Since he’s meant to be dressed up for the holiday, we gave him a Pilgrim’s hat and necktie, also made out of balloons. With this outfit, he was ready to greet everyone coming into the store with a smile on his face!

Balloon sculptures are such a fun way to decorate, no matter the occasion or reason. They give us a chance to design something fun and give our clients a chance to show off their personality to their customers or loved ones. It’s a win-win for everyone when we get a chance to flex our creative muscles!

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