White, pink and blue balloon column with a black balloon topper adjacent to a balloon sculpture of a woman in a black dress with blue and pink flowers.

We get requests from clients at times to make more than just one sculpture or column. When they want multiple balloon creations, we do what we can to match everything together and create a scene that is more than just its parts. That’s how we ended up with this sculpture and column pair – by making two pieces that match but have some fun differences unique to each!

The woman sculpture was made with a weighted base and built up using black latex balloons. The dress covered her from neck to toe, with two arms coming down to a pair of twisted balloons that make flowers. Since she’s holding two flowers, we gave her one each of pink and blue, just like the column that she stands next to. 

The balloon column next to her is white to compliment the black dress. For a little elegance, we used large, white balloons forming the top and bottom of the column. The middle of the column is a twist of white, blue, and pink balloons. This short twist extends to the top and bottom of the column. On top, a large black balloon acts as a topper and a match to the woman’s dress.  

When we do balloon sculptures, tying the whole scene together is something we keep an eye on. You can’t have a unified scene without that attention to detail!

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