A Performance Showcase Stage Decoration

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Balloon Stage Decor for Gaither High School Showcase organic white and blue school colors The performing arts are an important and fun part of education. At Gaither High School, their group Showcase performs at the high school auditorium, sharing their talent for music and dance with the crowd! Every year they ask us to come up with some fun balloon stage decorations and this year was no different.

For Showcase’s concert this year, we made some organic stage decor to augment their talent. Framing the back ends of the stage were a pair of balloon demi-arches, made mostly from white, latex balloons. These were similar to balloon columns, but more organic in nature. The white helped contrast from the black background of the stage and helped catch the light that comes from the stage’s overhead lights and backlights.

We used large balloons to form the base of the arches, and tapered them down to smaller sizes as the arch reached its tip. Keeping with the Gaither school colors, we used blue balloons as accents throughout the demi-arch. Thanks to the white, these dark blue accents could be seen even with the lights dimmed!

Concerts like this usually mark the end of a school year and the beginning of summer break. While some students in Showcase are graduating this year, we helped make their final performance on this stage something to remember fondly with our fun balloon backdrop!

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