Oxford Exchange 5th Anniversary celebration in Tampa Florida Balloon Decor organic buildingThe Oxford Exchange in downtown Tampa wanted to go BIG for their 5th anniversary celebration and reached out to YTE Events & Balloon Decor to create something that announced to the whole city that they were excited to celebrate. The Oxford Exchange is elegant, unique, and fun so our balloon artists wanted to capture all of this in our installation. We decided to create something super colorful, eye catching, and large to wrap the entire building. This balloon centerpiece was created using balloons in many shapes and sizes. Many artists took part in putting this piece together and we couldn’t be more happier with how it turned out. The balloons wrap around the face of the entire building in a matter that seems to flow naturally from one end to the other. The balloons also have gaps to create a visually appealing structure that seems to braid and intertwine into itself. Guests coming down the street were in amazement of the balloon decoration and stopped for photos in front of the building. We were so happy and honored to be able to create something colorful and unique for The Oxford Exchange to celebrate their first big anniversary milestone.

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