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Tampa Balloon Decorations for Balloon Wall at eventWe know our stuff! Our team is sent to other parts of the country to teach at leading industry conventions for balloon decor. If you want the best in Tampa, we are where it is at.  Want to just see photos? Click here for the Gallery

No matter what the occasion or purpose, balloon decor can elevate your Tampa event with a sense of elegance you cannot get with other types of decoration. We have listed vocabulary below in the effort to give you an idea of the different types of balloon decor, the terminology associate with the types of decor, and to make our conversations in person or over the phone easier to understand. Some of this is just to clarify what we mean when we say something and some of it is to actually define the jargon used within our industry. We want to be as clear as possible when building a mental image of the balloon decor we are describing. So, this is the place we suggest you start if you are interested in some different balloon pieces and not sure what to call them.

YTE Events and Balloon Decor has three pillars that have led to its success in the industry. We show up, we are professional, and we do amazing work.  Just see what our clients have to say.

Balloon figures made into soldiers for tampa event with rays

Tampa Balloon Arches –
These magnificent balloon pieces are considered “standard balloon decor” and can come in any range of size. YTE Events and Balloon Decor offers a few standard sizes that are all measured in “linear feet.” When we say “linear feet,” we are referring to the length of the arch if it were taken down and laid flat along the ground in a straight line. Typical sizes offered are 18 feet, 24 feet, 32 feet, and 40 foot arches. All of these sizes can be made indoors or outdoors and can be filed with air without the use of helium. Created from balloon garland, the newest contemporary designs are more organic in nature or make an upside down L-shape, whereas the traditional standard arches are more uniform in shape and create a semi-circle appearance.


Balloon Drops in Tampa –

Whether you are celebrating new years, a corporate achievement, or just want to add a little fun to the dance floor; a balloon drop is the way to go! We have tons of options as far as what we can put in the drops. That’s right! It doesn’t have to be just plain round balloons anymore. If you want to spice things up and have your drop stand out from others in the Tampa area, then ask us about our specialty drops and things that we can do to set you apart with our specialty balloons and prize drops.

Number 1 sculpture balloon decor piece delivered for hospital in Tampa

Balloon Walls –
There are a few different types of balloon walls. We have criss-cross walls, square stack walls, balloon grid walls, and 2-pack balloon walls. All of these different versions accomplish different things and can cost a different amount per square foot. No matter which wall you are interested in, be sure to ask about different options as far as design, function, and build. We do our best to reach your needs as concisely as possible. So, please let us know if the wall needs to be completely opaque or if there can be a few holes in it. Also, let us know whether it needs to match your logo exactly or if having the correct colors is sufficient enough. All of these extra details allow us to correctly inform you of the pricing and availability options for balloon walls at your Tampa event.

Ceiling Decorations –
With our move away from helium, we have gotten very good at utilizing the ceiling whenever possible. We will not ruin your ceiling with thumbtacks or paperclips. We use professional, high quality, industrial-strength magnets with a special coating to prevent scraping or scratching of drop ceilings or metal framing. This, along with many other techniques available in our arsenal of balloon tools, allow us to be the top of the line balloon decorators which we are. Let us do a walk through of your event to find out just how creative we will need to be for your special event.

Blue and White Topiary Columns with 260 accents Tampa

Tampa Centerpieces Delivered-
Though we typically stay away from making centerpieces due to the time and expense involved, balloon centerpieces can be magnificent pieces of beauty to add to any event. Whether you are looking for elegant beauty or whimsical fun, we can certainly add to your table decor with our one of a kind sculptures. These pieces can be delivered to your door as well. So, no need to try and figure out the logistics of delivery. We can make them and have them delivered directly to the event.

Tampa Balloon Columns –
We have heard them called towers as well, but in the balloon world we refer to them as columns. These specifically refer to the stacked balloons which form a straight vertical line in space. They can be made to match any theme and can even have foil balloons on top which can be letters, numbers, giant round balloons, or even a specialty themed Mylar balloon which depicts a cartoon character or princess themed to your party.

Dance Floors –
As simple as 4 columns positioned on each corner of the dance floor or as complex as a multi-tiered canopy above a star-shaped stage, we can make your next event absolutely astounding with our fantasy dance floors and decorations.

Sculptures Delivered to Tampa Events –delivered balloon sculpture for cat in the hat in tampa When you want your event to be above the rest, a sculpture is where it is at. We have made life size sports figures, 8 foot hearts, and have even made a balloon version of the Stanley Cup for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Anything is possible. Let us know about your event today!


Topiaries –
These have also been called pom-poms. We call them topiaries. They can accent a ceiling, can be placed atop markers which can flank a walkway, and can even be positioned to make a beautiful column. These are fantastic for adding volume and wow to an event with a more limited budget. Don’t let that fool you though. These are elegant pieces of balloon decor that can also be made fun and attractive as well. When you are planning your event, these are often in the list of suggested items as they give a lot of wow!


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Helium –Mickey Mouse Balloon Columns and Mickey Balloon Arch in tampa Florida for private birthday event Before we start, I would love to clarify the “Air vs. Helium” classifications we have for our balloon decorations. As a green company, we firstly would like to inform you as our guests on the site that Helium is a non-renewable, natural resource that the world is quickly losing. As it is vitally important in medical, scientific, and anti-terrorist applications, we have decided to NOT USE HELIUM UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. This means that, whenever possible, we do not offer helium as an option for your event if there is another way to reach your desired effect without the use of this precious gas. Wikipedia even references how balloon releases (that use helium) have even led to human deaths. This dedication has led us to be one of the only companies in all of central Florida which can setup and complete an outdoor 48 foot arch with ease and without the use of helium.

Likewise, we utilize a helium-free approach to as much of our decorations as possible. So, whether you are getting a balloon centerpiece, a column, an arch, or a dance floor… We do as much as we can without the use of helium.

That said, there are still some things we have not yet figured out. So, if you want a cloud buster above your grand opening or a balloon canopy over your dance floor, we may still be pulling out helium tanks. Even so, if you are looking for a balloon arch, we can always make that without helium for the sizes under 48 feet. Thanks for your understanding as we carry out our commitment to the protection of our planet’s natural resources.

Different types of balloon decorations Tampa

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