Tampa Balloon Drops

Why use us for your Tampa Balloon Drop?

You only get one chance for your drop to be successful. We have the skill and experience to make sure your balloon drop works the first time, every time. The most important part about rigging a balloon drop in the Tampa area is to actually know how to rig in a safe and efficient way. We work with the local venues to make sure we are able to complete your rigging safely and consistently without any damage to the venue. Beyond that, we are also able to provide some unique and fun options only available here in Tampa.

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What is a balloon drop?

A balloon drop consists of a net which hangs over the dance floor or from the ceiling which, at the right time, releases all the balloons for a dramatic and colorful effect. The cascading shower of balloons colorfully falling over the crowd, in front of, or behind a speaker can really help to punctuate an event. They are typically used to visually punctuate a climax of an event with a falling sea of color and movement. Check out this page for more detail on what a balloon drop is.

Are there other options that give a similar effect?

Though most companies only offer a balloon drop, there are many different ways to accomplish similar effects. Here are a few of our favorite alternatives:

  • A Pop Drop – This is a large balloon filled with smaller latex balloons and looks really cool when it explodes on que.
  • A Mylar Drop – This is a variation of the normal drop, but uses foil balloons. It is more expensive, but looks really amazing, especially in the correct lighting.
  • A Streamer Drop – We incorporate streamers into the rigging so that streamers fall down when the balloons fall. This is especially effective for very tall ceilings.
  • A Giant Drop – This is really great for large stadiums where you want to drop immense numbers of balloons on the crowds below.

What can I use a balloon drop for in Tampa?

Though they can be used for a number of different events and for a number of different reasons, the most popular times we are installing a balloon drop is for New Years Eve, corporate or private functions where a winner or election is being announced, wedding receptions for the entrance of the bride and groom, and for spirit related school functions. Here is a short list of events and venues where they are appropriate. That said, this is by no means an exhaustive list and balloon drops can be a part of any special occasion.
Tampa Balloon Drop for corporate event over dance floor

  • Proms, Homecomings, Winter Formals, or other Tampa School Dances: Balloons are typically dropped near the end of the night and encourages the students to stay until the very end.
  • School Pep Rallies: This is a great way to build team spirit with color and pizzazz! Often we drop the balloons on the team as they enter or the students at the end of a planned pep rally speech.
  • Award Ceremonies: Whether this is Prom, Homecoming, or announcement of the new CEO coming to office… Balloons dropped on or around the guest of honor is always a hit!
  • Tampa Wedding Receptions: Often a balloon net will release a cascade of color as the bride and groom enter the reception. Sometimes they prefer balloons dropped at the end of their first dance.
  • New Years Eve: This is our most popular balloon drop season in Tampa as everyone enjoys the simultaneous drop of the balloons and the coming of the new year!

tampa chamber of commerce balloon drop for event on stage

How does a balloon drop work?

  1. Choose the colors you want.
  2. Choose how many balloons you would like to drop or how long a net you would like installed.
  3. We inflate, prepare, and stuff the balloons into a net and suspend it from the ceiling at your local Tampa venue. (A proper ceiling height is required. Suggested 14 feet minimum.)
  4. At the appropriate time, the release chord is pulled and the balloons fall gracefully from the net, creating a frenzy of fun and excitement.

How much does a balloon drop cost in Tampa?

Typically we charge a base rate of $1 per balloon. We then add small fees for net creation, rigging, pulling, and cleaning up depending on what the needs are. A general estimate is $100 per additional service required. In some cases, where a scissor lift is required, we may need to rent one for the day. When we rent a lift, it is typically around $750 as an additional installation fee. If you have a lift available, then we can certainly use that if needed. Once we do a site inspection, we are often able to determine more specific needs. Cleanup is approximately $0.25 per balloon used (Higher prices for outdoor cleanup). Want an easier quote? Just fill out our event request form to request a quote. We also have a simple chart below to get you estimates for your balloon drop. When booking at a location like the Tampa Convention Center, there may be union fees and other things to consider. If you are uncertain, please just give us a call.

balloon drop Style Size Approximate Cost
Standard drop (small) 8 feet x 4 feet bag $400, Delivered
Standard drop (med) 16 feet x 4 feet bag $750, Delivered
Exploding Drop – 75 Balloons/each 3′ Balloon (1 pieces) $250, Delivered
Exploding Drop – 75 Balloons/each 3′ Balloon (3 pieces) $700, Delivered
Exploding Drop – 75 Balloons/each 3′ Balloon (10 pieces) $2,150, Delivered

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Does it cost more for a corporate event or a wedding?

We do not charge more for any of our balloon decor based on the type of event we are working. What does cost more might be a rigging fee associated with many of the larger venues in Tampa. When there are extremely high ceilings or when a lift or union workers are required for installation, that can raise the prices for the balloon decor delivered.

Can I rig the balloon net myself?

If you do not have experience in this, we highly suggest letting our team of experts handle this. If you would like to rig it yourself, you are certainly welcome to do so, but we can not guarantee the working of the drop for your event. Some venues in Tampa will not allow this unless you have adequate insurance and liability coverage.

Can I pull the balloon net myself?

You certainly can! When we rig our nets, we do our best to make sure that they are easy to pull and rigged in such a way that they are essentially fool-proof. If you are on site when we setup the net, we can walk you through how to release it at your event.

Can I clean up the balloons myself?

Yes you can! We can certainly help with clean up, but encourage you to clean up the balloons if it will help in meeting your budgetary needs. We highly suggest moving all the balloons into a single area, pop them in that area, and then pick up the pieces into a trash can. It averages us a team of 3 people approximately 1 hour per every 1,000 balloons to clean up. Hopefully that will help with a guideline.

Are there other ways for me to save money on booking a balloon drop?

Of course. We offer a discount for drops which do not require specific colors or sizes of balloons. If you allow us to use “any balloons on hand” to fill your drop, then we can reduce the price by 10%. The balloons we use for your drop in this case might be all one color or might be a mixture of colors that we have leftover from other jobs in Tampa from earlier in the year.

What are the details

If suspending from the ceiling is not an option, we can sometimes rig the balloon drop from light trussing or create free-standing rig points from our team’s aerial circus rig. If there is a drop-ceiling, we have specialized clips that connect to the structural grid which can be used in most cases. Depending on the ceiling height, we may need you to provide us with an adequately tall ladder or scissor lift to assist in the rigging of the balloon net from the ceiling.

As a Tampa business, YTE Events and Balloon Decor has worked with numerous venues, corporate clients, and social events to provide the best balloon drop experiences in the area. If you would like to book a drop for your event, please feel free to contact us via phone or via our contact form.