Client Information Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some additional details and instructions based on questions we’ve been asked in the past. If you do not see an answer to your questions, please let us know so that we can help you and add to this list for others.

This is the page where all your information can be found. Please save this link.

Step 1: Click on “View Agreement” below.
Here you can double check the Date, Time, Event Address, Services, and other notes.

Step 2: “Approve the Agreement.”
If all looks correct on the agreement, you can type in your name at the top of the page, click the little check box, and click “Submit.” This electronically signs the document and lets us know the information is correct.

Step 3: Pay any deposit.
From the first link that we sent (This Page), you can also click on the “Pay Now” button to pay the deposit (or in full) via PayPal or a credit card. If you do not wish to pay with PayPal, you will need to look below the “Sign In” information. There will be a small link that says “Pay as a Guest.” Look hard for this as they like to hide this. (They want people to sign up for PayPal.)
If you have a PayPal Account, you can certainly pay with that as well. Just follow instructions on the page.

At this point, your event is booked!
Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Most of our staff have enough information to arrive at your event ready to go. Some may wish to call prior to the start of your event to confirm additional details. Please let us know if you have preferences regarding this.

At your event: Last notes
– Please have any remaining balance available for the staff on arrival, ideally in a sealed envelop. (We have found this looks better in front of the guests.)
– We strive to make sure you have a great experience, but also cannot read minds. Please inform us immediately if we can change to better suit your needs.
– Tips for the staff and entertainment are always appreciated, but not necessary. Many clients ask a “good range” for a tip. Again, it is not necessary, but 10-30% is fine.
– Finally, If you enjoyed your service, please let us know via email or the event form below. If you did not like any portion of our service, please let us know as well. We strive to always be improving our processes, training, and attention to detail so that we can better serve your needs.

Thank you again. It is a pleasure for us to serve you!

Your Total Entertainment,
Jonathan Fudge
[email protected]
Office: 813-310-5900
Cell: 813-245-9441

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