DNA strand balloon decor sculpture decoration for event Running a small business is not an easy task. The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce recognizes the struggles and challenges for these business owners and chooses to honor them at their Science of Small Business 2016 Small Business of the Year Awards. This year, we put together an event at the Straz Center for the Performing Arts. Aside from the wonderful guests and the presentation of awards for the successful small business owners, the theme was also accented by the 30 foot tall DNA double helix made of balloons on the left side of the stage.

Our crew showed up at the Straz Center early morning on the day of the event and began inflating balloons for the DNA strand. With over 460 balloons in the sculpture, we had a team of 5 balloon artists inflating, tying, and twisting together the pieces of the DNA strand. Starting with the yellow balloons on the side, we began building our balloon ladder. Once we finished inflation, we carried the sculpture to the stage area where the Straz Center staff jumped at the opportunity to help. Rigging at the Straz Center was great! We were able to bring down a lighting truss and attach the DNA balloon sculpture directly to it. Once we had the top portion attached, we were able to raise the sculpture section at a time so that we could make sure the finished sculpture was picture perfect! We love when staging and balloon decor work together so perfectly.

Though we are members of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce and we are also a small business, we were unable to attend the award ceremony event ourselves. We only hope to be more involved more in the upcoming events put on by the Chamber. We love all the businesses in the community and look forward to being more involved with them in the future. Check out some of the great photos from the event in the gallery below and be sure to check out your local Chamber of Commerce as well.

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