Corporate events are usually all business, but that doesn’t mean some fun can’t be involved. YTE Events & Balloon Decor recently decorated for an event held by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Our balloon artists wanted to incorporate the event colors into some of the decorations in the event space. Two balloon columns were perfect to mark the entrance and also serve as a photo backdrop later during the event. The columns were topped with red, foil stars to match balloon decorations in the event rooms. Of course, our balloon artists wanted to incorporate the company name. Silver foil balloon letters were then placed between the two columns, connecting the two. It was a bright and fun decoration piece that brightened up the white and grey balloon space.

This event was used as a corporate retreat and training. The balloons helped all the guests at the corporate retreat know exactly where to go with custom branded colors and letters representing the company name at the entrance. This elegant entrance was great at helping all the executives know which hallway to walk down at the corporate event and made sure there was no confusion on where to go.

Balloon columns are great decoration pieces for indoor spaces because they do not require too much floor space. Columns can be made as tall or short as needed to fit any event space. Columns can be made to fit any themed event. In the past, our balloon artists have created super hero columns, Finding Nemo Columns, and even columns for weddings. In addition, columns are great for shopping malls and stores for sales and holiday events. Contact YTE Events & Balloon Decor today to book one of our artists to create columns that will be a hit at your next event.

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