Inflating Your Gains – Balloon Sculpture Photo Op

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Weightlifter Balloon Sculpture LA Fitness Grand Opening Tampa FloridaIf only building your muscles was as easy as blowing up a balloon! Sadly, LA Fitness knows it’s not that simple, and wanted a sculpture for a promo that would encourage people to work out and achieve their health goals! We wanted to make this interactive, and so this photo opportunity was born.

We made this sculpture to look like a buff bodybuilder working out, minus the head. That way, someone could walk by and snap a photo of what they were working towards!

We used yellow and blue balloons tied off to a black base to create the backsplash of the sculpture. These balloons were twisted off to have blue facing forward and yellow to the sides to create the pattern seen above. The black base acts as the anchor for the sculpture.

The bodybuilder was made with light blush skin-tone balloons, tied and twisted off in the shape of a killer six-pack and beefy arms. His shorts are made from the same yellow balloons we used to make the backsplash, with circles tied off to show the outline of his workout shorts. Finally, black was used to create a dumbbell, held aloft by two strong arms!

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