Macy's Three Kings Event with Balloon Stilt Walking EntertainmentMacy’s at Citrus Park Mall held a lunchtime event honoring a tradition from Latin culture where the three wise men come and visit children. The children, eagerly awaiting a gift from each of the wise men, will leave a small box of hay for the camels underneath their beds. Macy’s honored this tradition with their Dia De Los Reyos event.

Macy’s put together an amazing event. There were parades of entertainers, caricature artists, stilt walkers, and they even had the Three Kings show up for photos and to hand out gifts. The procession of dancing stilt walkers was led around by a Latin percussion band and they even had two stilt walkers dressed up in balloons looking like camels.

Here is a video of some of the fun from the event:

There was singing, dancing, arts and crafts for the kids, an artist, a DJ, people taking pictures with the 3 Wisemen, hundreds of people in the store, everyone was in a great mood, and it was like a party.

The band was amazing, they played and sang almost nonstop. The stilt walking dancers kept the mood festive. They were even taking selfies with the crowd 10 feet in the air. And the stilt walking balloon camels were just the perfect touch for the kids. There must have been 10 kids wanting to pet the balloon camels all at once when they finally stopped upstairs. It was a hoot!

It is an event Macy’s puts on yearly in the Tampa area in support of the areas rich Latin history and culture. For more information on all the great things Macy’s does for their guests, check out this link about Macy’s events Macy’s In-Store & Special Events!

YTE Events was happy to partner with Macy’s staff to supply aspects of the celebration.

Overall, it was fun, happy, enjoyable, event for everyone involved.

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