Entryway Photo Opportunity – Corporate Event Demi-Arch

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Artic Wolf Orange Gray Blue balloon decor company meeting balloon bouquets and arch

Training events don’t have to be entirely boring or drab! With a colorful archway and accompanying displays, a corporate event can be livened up with some fun decorations.

Demi-Arch Display

This demi-arch was crafted using orange and black balloons in a spiral pattern. Framing the event display board, this demi-arch curved around the top of the board before coming up to a finished point at the ceiling. Grey balloons were used as accents along the arch to better match the client’s brand colors.

This arch, along with Arctic Wolf’s display board, created a photo opportunity for the client and others. The arch was big enough for people to gather under it and still have the display board prominent in the photo.

Helium Balloon Bouquets

To pair with the demi-arch, the client also requested balloon bouquets to spruce up their tables and the space around the room. We crafted these bouquets using the same color scheme as the arch, arranging the balloons so that they would float above everyone’s heads while seated.

The base of these bouquets was lined with gray and black balloons, with black on the bottom row and grey on the top. These balloons surrounded a weight to hold the bouquets firmly in place.

A splash of color goes a long way in brightening up any event. This holds just as true for business events, and we were thrilled to add some brightness to this client’s event!

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