Nordstrom International Mall Tampa Balloon Decor Display on building organic build


To celebrate the Buccaneers making it to the Superbowl 2021, YTE Events and Balloon Decor put together this installation for Nordstrom at the International Mall in Tampa, Florida. We used red, black, and silver balloons to construct an entrance piece.


Wanting to make sure that the piece made a statement, we used over-sized balloons and did everything we could to make sure that it stood for the weekend in honor of our local football team making it to the big game.


The installation was approximately 175 balloons and was approximately 60 feet long when laid out flat. Their were multiple techniques used in its rigging and we were able to install the full piece in less than an hour. We did, however, have to rent two separate 26 foot uHaul trucks in order to deliver everything we needed for this event. It also took about 9 hours of inflation time before our team put it in the truck and delivered it for assembly.


The event management on this project was a an ultimate guide to successful event planning. There were so many creative design options in the planning stages of this event. Eventually, we decided on a cleaner corporate looks with an application of trending organic balloon decor. The concept of the design allowed for staging the entrance for the guests while also keeping the balloons out of the pathways. The logistical planning of the transport of materials and the rigging components was also a fun challenge for this event. We are so happy it turned out as well as it did and we are happy that, even after a tornado warning, this decor stood the test of the Florida weather and ended up being a beautiful piece of balloon decor.


Overall, this was a fun piece and we are proud to say we had a part in its completion. We are looking forward to the next extreme build in this location as well.

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